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Gold Digger Belt - Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt - Pewter Gold Digger Buckle - Hand Stitched

Gold Digger Belt - Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt - Pewter Gold Digger Buckle - Hand Stitched

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"Gold Digger" is a one-off belt made with J&FJ Baker's Oak Tanned Bridle Butt leather and a vintage pewter buckle from Arroyo Grande Buckle Co. USA.  The leather belt is 45mm / 1.75" wide and the buckle is 90mm x 55mm (3.5" x 2.25").

Baker's bridle butt is an incredibly beautiful and hard wearing leather that has taken 14 months to create, employing traditional techniques of tanning leather using natural products and sustainable processes. Skilled craftsmen undertake this long process, finishing the leather with a special blend of natural oils and greases that not only protect and feed the leather, but also emphasise the natural grain and colour.

You can choose which colour leather to have; Russet(natural), Australian Nut, Dark Stain or Black

The beautifully detailed buckle is a classic of it's time. With the hand stitched leather the belt has weight, character and years of use ahead of it. ⁠

As this is a completely hand made product, made from natural materials, there may occasionally be minor imperfections, but this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Our belts are made completely by hand from start to fininsh.  I hand stitch with bonded 'Tiger' polyester thread using the traditional saddle stitch technique, known for it's strength and durability.  5 buckles holes are included as standard, 1" apart.

The edges of the leather have been bevelled, sanded and burnished to seal the fibres and provide an overall quality look and feel.


  • Handmade in Sussex, England
  • Leather - 4-5mm Oak Bark tanned full-grain bridle butt leather by J&FJ Baker.
  • Leather Colour - choice of either Russet(natural), Australian Nut, Dark Stain or Black
  • Belt Width - 1.75" (45mm)
  • Buckle: Gold Digger by Arroyo Grande Buckle Co. USA. 
  • 100% Handmade (the only machine is me!)
  • Can be made to fit any waist size up to 40" (belt size 42"). 
  • Centre buckle hole is placed to fit your waist size, with 2 holes either side of this at 1" spacing

** Please refer to the last picture to work out your belt size.  When checking out, please provide the belt size, as per these instructions**

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