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Codman and Belter

Leather Balm

Leather Balm

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Our Leather Balm is an all-natural balm made with wax from our own bees and other natural ingredients.

It comes in a handy screw top 1oz/28g tin.  Its solid form is easy to use and a little goes a long way.  Just apply to your leather in a circular motion with a smooth cloth and allow the leather to absorb the balm.

Enjoy the reliable protection and suppleness of your leather with this effective and natural balm.

 - All natural products
 - Supplied in a 1oz / 28g screw top tin
 - Solid to the touch.  Build up the amount you require on a cloth and apply in a circular motion
 - Allow to absorb into the leather, then buff if required
 - Do not use on suede or patent leathers
 - Contains Beeswax, lanolin, fats and oils

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