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Codman and Belter

Real Walnut, hand gilded with 23.5ct gold leaf

Real Walnut, hand gilded with 23.5ct gold leaf

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Gilded walnuts were a traditional tree decoration in the Victorian times and would hold a good luck message inside them until they were opened on New Years Day.  Ours don't contain a message, but they still look fabulous as a tree decoration or hanging in a prominent place in your house.  They make a wonderful gift for someone who'd appreciate something a little different.

Each decorative walnut is made from a real walnut shell, hand gilded with 23.5ct gold.  It is topped off with a beautiful luxury red velvet ribbon, to hang on the tree.  Packaged in a lovely black display box, it is ready to present to your loved one as a Christmas gift or store yourself for the following year.


 - Real Walnut (with nut removed)
 - brass ring
 - 23.5ct gold leaf (harder wearing that 24ct)
 - Red velvet ribbon
 - Presented in a lovely black ring box


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